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We pride ourselves on offering state of the art programs which address each individual's needs and goals.  We appreciate the lovely things our clients have to say about us.  Here are a few snippits of what people are saying about Visionary Fitness...


"I'm working out harder and more often than I ever have and pain free for the first time in many years.  I came to Farr a bad ankle, two awful knees, low back and mid-back pain and tendon issues in both elbows and both rotator cuffs a mess.  Absolutely 100% pain free as I push the limits.  This, if nothing else, is why you should work with a trainer.  Knowledge is power. And there is no one better then Farr."

- Jan M.


"Farr is by far (lol) the best trainer.  He creates a workout to cater to you and your needs...he keeps evolving your training information and program as you evolve.  He puts way more into the training than the hour you work with much more!  And seriously...can you put a price on your health?  When your body is healthy, your life is oh so much better!  Training with Farr Ramsahoye has seriously changed my life."

- Nancy W.


"Thank you!  When I look at the overall it does feel good.  I feel better.  I just got out Summer clothes that I have kept hoping every year they will fit which of course they never did but do now."

- Linda G


"I improved my performance as a soccer player since I started training with Farr.  I do recommend Visionary Fitness to anyone who wants to acheive their fitness goals.  Thank you, Farr."

- Danny R 


"4km in 33 mins.  That is not all.  Thank you Farr Ramsahoye and Visionary Fitness for all the strength training that got me to this point.  I am stronger and more confident with everything including running."

- Christine E


"We were just talking about our workout and we both think that the last 6 or 7 sessions have been just excellent!  A perfect mix of challenge and enjoyment as well as a balance between cardio and strength.  Thanks again for the effort you put in to customizing the workouts for us and keeping it fresh!"

- Scott M.

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