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We offer an array of programs to fit anyone's needs.  Be it a one-on-one approach, couples training or small group training we are able to accommodate you.  As well we can train you in a variety of locations depending on your preference and comfort levels, online, semi-private studio, or the great outdoors!



All of our exercise programs are based on the individual needs and goals of the client.

VF’s training system has been refined over the years of working with men and women between the teenage years to early 80s. Through our understanding of exercise science and body mechanics, VF tailors unique exercise programs to the client that help to build muscle, lose fat, improve mobility, and boost the cardiovascular system.

Through weight lifting, bodyweight training, and cardiovascular fitness, VF helps our clients improve their muscle quality, aerobic strength, and flexibility/mobility in a fashion that carries over into their athletic ability and functional range of motion. 



Group training is a great way to work on your health and fitness goals in a friendly and motivating environment. Through small groups of 3 and 5 people, our clients are able to have more personalized time with our trainers which translates to better exercise quality and results.

Through the foundation of weight lifting with compound movements, body weight training, and athletic training, VF has created a strength and conditioning small group experience that sets itself apart from the average burpee styled, jumping jacks and sit-ups styled boot camps.      



The hallmark of a very effective and quality online fitness and nutrition program is one that has been developed in a one-on-one gym setting with diverse clients over many years. This is the environment that enabled VF to develop an online exercise and eating program that can be tailored to a specific person and their goals for targeted results.

VF has 100’s of video tutorials of fundamental, unique, and specialized exercises that have been proven to, through work with real-world clients over the course of 5 plus years and counting.

Similarly, our customizable eating plan has been refined over the course of our work with individuals who oftentimes struggle with competing commitments that battle for their time, attention, and energy. 


What you have with our online training and eating program is a unique and highly effective way to get results based on your schedule, eating preferences, fitness level, as well as training support in the gym, at home, and outdoors.

This is the full experience for thriving in all domains of health.


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