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Welcome to Visionary Fitness​!

One of the most affordable and extremely effective personal trainers in town


We are a results-based company who are able to work with you one-on-one or in small groups either online, at our semi-private studio, or in the great outdoors.


We strive to show you that small changes get big results!


With us, you can develop and maintain a healthy body weight, prevent injuries and diseases, improve your strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness all in fun, friendly and motivational workouts


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Everyone deserves to reach their true athletic potential which is the key to reaching almost any goal and keeping it for a lifetime.


To help all clients attain their fitness goals through an individualized strength and conditioning program based on science, physiology, and movement quality



Our programs are designed and measured based on the individual client: preferences and current level of fitness, abilities, concerns, and goals.


Our clients’ needs are at the center of all programming to ensure that all trainees are able to reach their potential.


We acknowledge that a fitness journey takes many clients out of their comfort zones. Each client is treated in a compassionate way that respects their values and input while motivating them to reach their goals.


We take a detailed history of each client in order to take into account past injuries and health concerns while designing their science-based individualized program

Contact Us

550 Cataraqui Woods Drive, Kingston, Ontario K7P 2Y5

Tel: 613-449-8348

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