Group Training

Visionary Fitness is proud to offer a boot camp/ group training option.  We find the group setting as a great encouragement to our clients and we love comradery it develops.  Join with a friend, spouse or family member to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Indoor setting during the winter

Outdoor setting in the summer!

We implement a variety of functional movements to help your successes in boot camp relate to everyday life.  Exercises are geared to each individuals current fitness level where they are challenged yet encouraged to complete activities at their own pace.  We also feature modified version of exercise to accommodate all fitness levels, body types and physical limitations.

Group training which is fun and functional!

Contact us now to find out more about bootcamp training and when you can start on your journey with Visionary Fitness to becoming a healthier you!

VF’s group training integrates functional movements as well as core and stability exercises.  One hour sessions include warm up and stretches.

During the summer months we utilize the great outdoors

During the winter months we move indoors to a spacious gymnasium.


6 week sessions

60 minute sessions

1 or 2 sessions per week – you choose what fits your schedule


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